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KS1 Kodu Curriculum

So after a prolonged gap from my last Kodu adventure with the BBC, I decided to take Kodu in the curriculum extensively into the classroom to see if I can develop my knowledge and fledgling ideas.

Having already established that there was a gap in the KS1 curriculum for a programme such as Kodu to enhance teaching, I felt that I needed to somehow collate my ideas for everyday teachers to use. I use the phrase ‘everyday teachers’ to represent the teachers in KS1 that have a sound level of ICT knowledge, but would not like to tackle a programme such as Kodu head on, let alone incorporating it into a Maths, English or Science lesson!

I decided to write a piece of documentation for all teachers, regardless of their Kodu experience, to follow in order to incorporate it into a wide variety of curriculum subjects. With my current Year 2 class, I tried countless activities to see which ones benefited from having Kodu as a supporting resource whilst making sure it did not detract from the intended learning objectives. Making sure that Kodu was a strong aid for the lesson and not a replacement, as stated in my last blog, was always in the back of my mind during the planning of my lessons.


Once I had successfully trialled Kodu in Maths, English, Science, Geography and History, I then had the issue of collating my lessons into easily read, followed and executed lessons.

I have attached the start of my documentation at the bottom of this blog in order for fellow practitioners to have a look at and see if this would benefit themselves, and also the lessons of their fellow teachers who may not be initially, technologically minded. It contains a background to why I have taken this document on, how the lessons will be structured in it, a basic main activity for a lesson that incorporates Kodu and a supporting resource.

It is very early days  for this documentation and I do not proclaim myself to be inventing the wheel in terms of perfect lessons across a variety of subjects, I am simply taking the National Curriculum aims and using them as the backbone to a Kodu based Maths/English/Science/Geography/History lesson. This, I feel, brings a new way of looking at certain subjects and how they can be brought into a 21st Century style of teaching.


All feedback is greatly received so that I can act upon advice and start to release the other lessons I have already documented!


Comments on: "KS1 Kodu Curriculum" (1)

  1. Katherine McLean said:

    I really like this resource, thank you. Do you have the other lessons please?

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